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2021 Goals already slacking?

Updated: Feb 3, 2021

It is two weeks into January and you are already too busy for the goals you set out to achieve.. sound familiar? It is totally normal and can happen to any of us, how you bounce back from theses challenges will set the tone for your year indefinitely. Here are some tips and tricks to re-set your downward slope of progress to sky rocket your productivity and success for this year.


*Set SMART Goals - if you are unfamiliar with these goals do a quick google search, you will find tons of good information out there. Here are 2 free print outs for your strategy session.


*Make your goals a priority. Going to work is never anyones most desired task of the day but we all do it because it is a priority. Successful people aren't successful because they do things when they want, they do things even when they don't. Success is going through when pushing through is all you've got to give. Success comes from consistent, hard work and dedication. This doesn't mean don't rest, there is always a balance that is needed to sustain anything worth having. Make your goal a priority, a job if you will. Go in even on the days you'd rather be anywhere else.


You have all the tools within yourself to continue on with these goals. Give yourself an overdue pep talk and skyrocket your year! - Coach April

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