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Spot Reducing? Do 100 Sit-ups to lose that belly? False False False!

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

Do 100 sit-ups to lose that belly? False False False!


Spot reducing is a myth of sorts that a lot of people confuse when it comes to fitness. I know, I was. I used to do sit ups at home and squeeze my thighs to reduce fat in those problem areas; little did I know, it does not work that way. Your diet is so important because when you lose weight you lose all over; meaning your body depending on genetics, age and composition will lose fat as a whole not just in one spot. I will let you in on another secret, you don’t even have to exercise to lose weight, CRAZY right!? Now, if you lose weight based solely on your diet it is more difficult, way less fun and your body composition may not look the way you'd imagined your “new year, new you” would look.


Things to consider when planning your daisy duke summer:

1- Focus on an overall plan, a sustainable plan. Small wins are better than no wins.

2- DIET is extremely important, you will be amazed at what your body can accomplish with proper nutrition, hydration and fuel.

3- Exercise is important but I challenge you to think of it as icing on the cake versus a payment for that cake. In other words, try not to think of exercise as working off calories but as a healthy investment in your body.

4- Please stop over training your core, while a strong core is important - abs are made in the kitchen not training them 6x a week. The more you train a muscle, with proper conditions it will grow. I challenge you to think of that core muscle growing and what that looks like long term. In summary, overtraining a muscle will not create a smaller look or spot reduce anything.

5- ACCOUNTABILITY is key, this may look like daily affirmations for yourself or it may look like hiring a professional to help you achieve your goals. Plan, Execute and Succeed my fellow fitness enthusiasts.


Let's start on that small win. Here are 2 weekly meal planners you can print and prep for success!

- Coach April

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