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Time is Money$

Have you ever heard the expression "Time is money"? This is true and can have a significant impact on your productivity and fitness journey.

I have had female clients start tracking food and get so excited they want to "Pintrest-project" color coordinate their meal ideas and preps. A lot of times these clients are busy, hard working women, mothers, wives and so many titles; adding the time to create the color coordinated calendar to include their meal prep is not necessarily beneficial. As you are pulled into so many directions why take the time to add more stress to your to -do list. Another example i'd like to add includes the thought - we all like to save money and buy fresh foods, right? Think about the time it takes to prepare and cook all those veggies. Have you thought about spending a little more money and buying frozen easy steam fresh vegetables? Again, time is money.. 5 minutes to microwave or 45 minutes to prep and cook them?

The next time you think to add to your to-do list, keep the thought "time is money" in mind. Is this project going to be effective and timely?


Let's all strive to work smarter, quickly and efficiently in this next season of your journey! - Coach April

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