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Sapphire Studio
More than just a dance class.

Having persistence, patience, passion and grit are more important for long-term success as a dancer than just plain old natural talent. 

Reserve your spot in our intro program, only $29.99.

Two weeks of  dance for your student, click learn more today and we will be in touch with our schedules and availability. 

 Offering leadership, confidence and excellence. 


Adult Program

Experience the magic of movement and unleash your inner dancer with our adult dance program. Whether you're a beginner or have prior dance experience, our skilled instructors will guide you through a dynamic and invigorating journey.  Boost your confidence, express yourself creatively, and revel in the joy of connecting with your body through the universal language of dance. Join our vibrant community of dance enthusiasts, where you can meet like-minded individuals and embark on a transformative adventure. 

What customers are saying:

"We have been with Sapphire Studio for years. My four year old participated in a summer dance program ... discovered a love for clogging. She has grown so much and has met many wonderful friends. The instructors are caring and emotionally invested in the lives of the dancers. Love all of the dance options available for all ages... All are welcome!"

-Dance Parent


Try our intro program,
2 weeks of dance!

Amelia's Mom

"Everything is wonderful about this dance studio. The teachers genuinely care about each student, and keep very good communication with the parents of the students... Another great thing is that while it's local, and close to my daughter's school, and our home, it's also near Ramseur, Franklinville, Grays Chapel and all areas surrounding Liberty."
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