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Dance Class

Welcome Team

Thank you for being a part of the Sapphire Team, 

We are so excited to have you. Let's work together to make a difference through arts and leadership training. 

Staff Training

Teacher Training Videos

The 2-Part Foundation of Great Teaching

Communicating with Parents

Discipline and Behavior Problems

Using Names

Mixed Levels


Business Skills Videos

Marketing and the 4 Pillars

Basic Statistics

Pillar 1: Advertising

Pillar 2: The Prospect Pipeline

Pillar 2: The Info Call

Pillar 2: Price Avoidance

Pillar 3: The Intro Lesson

Pillar 3: The Enrollment Conference

Pillar 3: Objection Handling

Pillar 4: The New Student Pipeline

Pillar 4: The DNS System

Higher-Level Messaging

Student Success Advisor

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